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Black&White Real Estate Marketing was created for photographers, by photographers. BWRM was designed with the goal of helping fellow creatives turn their passion into successful and sustainable businesses always following our mantra of putting photographers first!

Our unique business model combines a community of talented and driven professionals, a supply chain of premium editors and state-of-the-art cloud-based software, all under one brand. If you’d like to become part of this exciting brand, and transform your passion into a successful and sustainable business, get in touch today.

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A unique business model

Take charge of your business and join the photographer revolution! BWRM is unique, we are a brand and a community, but we are not a franchise. That means: no buy-in, no hidden costs and no franchise fees, EVER.

Maintain control of your business with the added support of a national brand, a community of industry-leading creatives and a high quality and reliable supply chain behind you.

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How it works

Create: Consistent quality and efficiency.

All BWRM members have exclusive access to our first class image retouchers, video editors and floor plan artists. Our unique end-to-end methods have been designed, tried, and tested by leaders in the industry, providing BWRM members with the most efficient and effective way to guarantee the best possible input and output. 

Our video editing house uses cutting edge technology, and is one of the largest and most innovative cloud-based editing services in the world. This means that BWRM members have said goodbye to all night editing sessions.

With all systems designed to improve business efficiency and maintain exceptional quality, BWRM enables creatives to spend less time behind a computer and more time building relationships and growing their businesses, all the while enjoying premium quality services, delivered overnight.

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Connect: to our community.

A brand is nothing without its people. BWRM has carefully built up a community of passionate creators who are experts in their fields. The collective talent and experience within this community is invaluable. Members regularly enjoy referrals from each other, provide assistance when taking time-off and support each other through the ups and downs that come when starting or growing any successful business.

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Connect: to your customers.

Our state-of-the-art software is the engine room for our members. It has been custom designed for real estate photographers, videographers and floorplanners to efficiently manage all the day-to-day administrative tasks when operating a successful business. Some functions include:

  • Create and manage your client database
  • Send and receive images, videos and floor plans to editors
  • Communicate with clients and suppliers
  • Deliver completed work to clients
  • Store RAW and final images from all your jobs
  • Connect to Xero to efficiently manage all business finances

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Grow: power in numbers

With a community of talented creators, and a brand with a national presence, our members have the best of both worlds: the freedom of running their own businesses and the strength that comes with being part of something bigger.

More time away from the computer equals more time selling and growing. Marketing is made easy with gorgeous, personalised sales material coupled with guides about how to sell, written by experienced industry leaders.

Expand your product base by tapping into the BWRM community of talented mentors, and learn new skills through our range of product manuals.

All BWRM systems are designed to be scalable, so bringing on new staff as you expand is simple.

Manage your finances through the BWRM platform, which seamlessly links to Xero, simplifying the accounting process and allowing you to spend less time managing your money and more time making it.

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If you're passionate, motivated and excited about growing a successful and sustainable business, then get in touch below:

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What our members have to say.

BWRM has been a life changing experience for me. If you’re someone who is looking to build your own business from the ground up, and would also like the support and guidance of experienced business owners, then BWRM is for you! I cannot say enough positive things about BWRM. Every year my business gets stronger and more progressive. Do yourself a favour and speak to the team.

Lucas Nieuwenhuys

My background is in editing and TV production and the editing side of BWRM is brilliant. I’m really impressed with the quality, and the process is so easy! It’s great to be part of such a friendly, helpful environment that gives us so much flexibility. We couldn’t have been where we are now if it wasn’t for BWRM.

Anthony & Sally-Ann Caligari
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